Golf Business
Koshikumo Minami
Affiliation Bliss Golf
Contracted Sponsors
Date of birth 21/07/1996
Height 167cm
Blood Type Type B
Graduated From Utsunomiya Bunsei Girl's High School
Turned Pro  
Sports History from 10-year-old
Family Members Father, mother and elder brother
Hobby Music appreciation 
Favorite Color Blue, orange, black and white
Favorite Car  
Golf History 8 years
Mentor-mentee Relationship Katsuhiko Amano 
Favorite Club Driver
Hole In One 2 times
2010 Tochigi Prefecture Governor's Cup Personal Ranking: Champion
2011 Tochigi Prefecture Ladies Open  Personal Ranking: #3 Lower Amateur
2012 Tochigi Prefecture Governor's Cup  Personal Ranking: Champion
2012 National Secondary School Golf Championship Personal Ranking: #17
2012 Kanto Secondary School Golf Championship Personal Ranking: #6
2012 Tochigi Prefecture Junior Golf Championship Personal Ranking: Champion
2012 Kanto Ladies Amateur Golf Championship Personal Ranking: #4
2012 Japan Ladies Amateur Golf Athletic Championship  Personal Ranking: #72 T
2013 Japan Junior Golf Athletic Championship 15-17 Ladies Division  Personal Ranking: #24 T
2014 Jack Bunny by Pearly Gates Junior Golf Championship Personal Ranking: Champion
Tournament Results
All-Time Record